Constituency no. 1
Boundaries: Siennica I, Siennica II, Siennica III
Status: too few candidates
Precinct No.AddressPrecinct typeLocation accessible for the handicappedCorrespondence precinct entitleddispensed ballot cardsAttendancevotesvalid votes% of valid votes
1 Zespół Szkół w Siennicy, ul. Mińska 38, 05-332 Siennica GeneralNoNo - - ---- -
List no. 1 - KOMITET WYBORCZY WYBORCÓW "ORZEŁ" - Zarejestrowana
Number in the listFamily name and given namesAgeAddress Number of valid votes for candidate% of valid votesMandate
1 Łubkowski Ryszard 66 Siennica Elected without a vote -
*) Content of vetting statements are based on the territorial election commission announcement